Who we work for

We believe that successful work only comes from collaboration. That’s what is behind our name; we share thoughts and work together; we combine different perspectives to create something more effective.

Our clients benefit. In fact, they say we’re sharper at both ends.

Clients include: ABB, Active Staff, Active Solutions, Ascent Aerospace, Coca-Cola HBC, GateGroup, Hanwha-Phasor, Help Moving Office, Horatio’s Garden, L2 Partnership, Meggitt, Messums, Messums Wiltshire, Museum of Army Flying, Oarsum, Parsons Talent Consulting, Piher, Precision Micro, Rampisham Timber Services, Sanofi, SSIT, TMF Group and Wolseley PLC.


I am a longstanding supporter of Hybrid Creative, starting with an aerospace and defence manufacturer with no brand identity. We evolved this together as the business grew in power and scale over a decade, not just in terms of livery but an approach to creative projects which never ceased to surprise and delight, while maintaining an instantly recognisable style.

Hybrid Creative is a key supplier of creative services to our company. Throughout, Hybrid Creative has demonstrated a high level of creativity and, just as important, delivers on its ideas through exemplary project management.