Making a complex world simple

TMF Group is a global multinational covering over 80 jurisdictions that helps its clients build strong businesses and manage the complexities of cross-border projects, unlocking access to some of the world’s most attractive markets.

They required a design for their Global Business Complexity Index that captured the sentiment – ‘We make a complex world simple’. The report provides an authoritative overview of the complexity of establishing and operating businesses around the world. It explores factors that drive the success and failures of international businesses and outlines key themes emerging on the global scene.

Hybrid has worked closely with the TMF Group team for a number of years and has helped produce three of these flagship documents – each of the reports has an idea that runs through the report which reinforces ‘We make a complex world simple’.

The reports are produced in four languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.


TMF Group

Project Summary


TMF Group has worked with Hybrid Creative since 2019 on its flagship thought leadership report, the Global Business Complexity Index. Mike and the team come up with engaging concepts every time based on the report’s annual themes, then work closely with senior stakeholders to develop the design which we select. We are always very impressed by the quality of the work and find that Mike is great to work with – he’s very professional and sticks rigidly to project timelines. He delivers on time, even when we add to the workload by requesting supplementary material or ask for the 56-page report to be translated into three additional languages. I’m excited to see the concepts each year and never doubt Hybrid Creative’s ability to do the report justice.

Gareth Scurlock
Head of Content and Communications, TMF Group

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year 3