Opportunities on the HRISon

Hybrid helped Meggitt to launch their global human resources information system – we called it HRISon (like Horizon) because it’s about opening up a wider world for employees and Meggitt as a whole. This online resource aimed to enable best-in-class career development and allow employees to develop their career further within Meggitt, whether closer to home or globally at one of their many facilities.

We worked on pre-launch awareness campaigns and internal communications for employees to raise the profile of the programme. Materials were produced in six languages to ensure all employees understood clearly the importance of the programme – English, French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.



Project Summary

Identity • Employee communications • Promotional items

Awareness campaign decals

We produced a series of decals which were produced in six languages and distributed accordingly to all the facilities. They were displayed on rest room mirrors and windows of the facility for maximum exposure to employees.

Promotional items