The original disruptor

When the assets of former start-up Phasor Solutions were acquired by Hanwha Systems, the South Korean aerospace and defence giant, Hybrid Creative was asked to   develop a new visual language to complement its parent company’s brand identity and to showcase the ground-breaking technology of the new ‘Hanwha Phasor’. We worked with the Hanwha Phasor team to develop its website and complementary collateral for trade shows and events.

The responsive website demonstrates Hanwha Phasor’s key technology and utilises a series of animations to explain its features. We worked closely with the Hanwha Phasor team to understand this technology and how it functions to inform the animation design.

The orange bar became a feature in the styling and is an abstracted form of its ultra- low-profile antenna.


Hanwha Phasor

Project summary

Look and feel • Online • Animation • PowerPoint

Hybrid Creative helped us to reestablish a bold and confident presence in the satcom marketplace after our antecedent, start-up Phasor Solutions, had gone into administration.

Fiona Greig, Head of Communications, Hanwha Phasor

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