Bringing Industry 4.0 to aerospace

Tomorrow’s factories will be intelligent, highly responsive units—smart components will find their own way to becoming products using the ‘Internet of Things’ to talk to machines and people.

Meggitt Modular Modifiable Manufacturing (M4) is leading the revolution, turning traditional factory layout and flow on its head with a ground-breaking combination of present and future technology.

Hybrid created an identity for Meggitt with the powerful M4. It was rolled out across a suit of communications raising awareness to Meggitt employees and also playing a big part in helping the Meggitt team tell their story to secure funding for the initiative. M4 is well under way and backed by the Aerospace Technology Institute, IBM, the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry.

Working with the Meggitt team we created a narrative to tell the story about the future of manufacturing.

Project summary

Identity • Presentations • Animation • Magazine • Employee communication