Meggitt in a minute

Meggitt required a comprehensive brochure to capture all of their Aerospace capabilities. We created ‘Meggitt in a Minute’ a digital resource which was handed to clients on USB drives. It provided an A – Z of all of their business capabilities under one roof.

The capabilities were extended into their Defence and Energy sectors. We worked through 50 capabilities in total across the three sectors which amounted to hundreds of pages of content.

Aerospace included: • Wheels, brakes and brake control • Thermal management and fluid control • Fire protection and control • Ice protection • Polymer solutions • Fuel containment • Secondary composite structures • Sensing systems – E ngine health monitoring – Sensing and data acquisition – Fluid gauging – Flight test – Tyre pressure monitoring – Air data measurement • Power management • Smart electronic control • Aircraft security and safety • Ignition • Flight displays • Linear motion management • Countermeasure deployment • Automatic ammunitionhandling

We designed a bespoke sleeve to package the USB stick which had a cut off corner that formed the Meggitt delta and reflected the Meggitt brand.

Animations were used to capture key capabilities – these were used in the e-brochure but also as standalone animations in the Meggitt chalet at the Farnborough and Paris airshows.



Project Summary

e-brochure • online • trade shows

Our Meggitt in a Minute was an interactive and comprehensive digital capabilities brochure, used at major tradeshows over multiple seasons. Hybrid Creative did a superb job in capturing and bringing to life our capabilities in an engaging and where appropriate, witty manner.

Susan Weiss, Communications Manager, Meggitt

flight displays animations